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VERY IMPORTANT !!  If you were a victim or believe you were a victim of the EQUIFAX Data Breach, or any other situation where your personal information was compromised, I am advising people to place a fraud alert on your Credit Report by calling 800/680-7289. This is the fraud line for Trans Union and fraud is the one thing that the Credit Bureaus share so by calling this number the fraud alert will appear on all 3 Bureaus within 24 hours. Its an automated line and very simple to use. When you call the initial alert will show for 90 days and at that time you can extend it to 6 months.  This will prevent anyone from opening any new accounts without calling you to verify that it was you that applied for credit. What will show on your reports is this - "As of September, 2017 I may have been a victim of identity theft or fraud please do NOT open any new account without contacting me verbally at......(it then gives a daytime and evening phone number to reach you)        

If you obtain your free credit report from any of the Bureaus what you need to look at are the Inquiries. No new account can be opened until they check your credit and if a new account is opened it can take 60-90 days before it appears on your report. So look at the Inquiries since May, 2017 and if there are any that are not yours I suggest you call the company and find out whats going on.    

This was a major hacking and about half the people in the country have had their personal information (name, address, birthday,social security number and even drivers license numbers) compromised due to this. I am always availabe to anwser any questions on this situation.                                                                         

Having Difficulty Getting Credit ?

Are you still paying over 6% on your current mortgage loan? Maybe thinking of getting a new car? Or getting that first dream house for your family? How about a loan to send your son or daughter to college?

Well, how's your Credit and Credit Score?

In todays economy, getting any type of loan is more difficult than ever before, so good credit and CREDIT SCORES are more important than ever!

It seems like every time you turn around nowadays, someone is pulling your credit report. Forget trying to get a loan for a minute, when you try and rent an apartment, get a cell phone, open a checking account, utility companies, etc. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is based on your credit in todays world.

Things are changing rapidly in the world of credit, and I have been advising people to handle and manage their credit differently than just a year ago as the banks are looking at you differently and you have to adapt to those changes.

In todays economy, banks now consider everyone a potential risk as they have no idea if you will have a job tomorrow, and unless you do things different, they will shut down your credit cards or reduce your credit limits.

Fix your credit problems and raise your scores BEFORE you apply for a loan!


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Don't get caught in a bad loan with high interest rates and higher monthly payments because of low credit scores.

34% of all people with mortgages DO NOT even know the type of loan they are in. Are you one of these people?

Trying to find financing for a mortgage or ANY type of credit with below average Credit Scores is very difficult. And IF you can find it, you will be paying a very high interest rate.

Tired of being denied for any type of credit?

In todays world, your Credit and Credit Scores are more valuable to you than EVER before. The better your credit and higher your credit scores opens the door for you to get credit at lower interest rates and saves you money!

In the mortgage industry, last year lenders were looking for a mid score of 680 to get a decent interest rate, NOW they are looking for that mid score to be 720, and some are looking for 740. And the Scores only go up to 840!! So even if you have good Credit Scores, they can always be higher.

25% of all people have Credit Scores less than 600 and a lifetime of low Credit Scores can cost you an additional $200,000 in interest.

The higher your Credit Score is, the lower your interest rates and the cheaper your car insurance will be

Don't wait until its to late or you are up against the clock trying to fix credit problems at the last minute. Your credit is VERY important. I cannot stress that enough.

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Don't let bad credit ruin your life!

Enjoy the benefits that good credit provides!

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I have been in the credit business almost 30 years with a nationwide reputation of getting things done quickly and correctly with positive results.

I am available to do seminars on Credit, Credit Scores and how to handle and maintain your credit to improve your credit scores.

I actually take the time and educate my clients on Credit and Credit Scores. As important as they are in everyone's life, no one actually wants to educate people about this. I feel thats THE most important thing people get from me as Credit and Credit Scores are here to stay and like anything else,the better you understand how the scoring program works, the better you can use it to your advantage.

Did you know there are over 10 different types of Credit Scores being sold and marketed to the public but only ONE that everyone uses (FICO), and the rest of them are useless? Don't waste your money on the wrong product ! There is NO such thing as a "free" Credit Score.

I appear monthly as the Kreditguru on the Home Sweet Home Chicago Show Saturday mornings from 10am - 12pm with David Hochberg on WGN-AM 720 on your radio dial (Illinois)

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